The Supervised Visitation Network is a multi-national organization that brings together agencies and individuals interested in supporting safe, conflict-free access by children to the parents with whom they do not live. This year, the Annual Conference was held in Toronto.

Approximately 150 members, mostly from Canada and the United States, but some from other parts of the world, attended the two-day conference, where they heard presentations and attended workshops on many aspects of supervised visitation/access.

Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place Legal Director, made the plenary presentation on day two of the conference. Her talk, entitled Connecting the Dots: The Implications of Violence Against Women for Supervised Access, was very well received. Pamela’s remarks focused on the need for family courts to better understand separation violence in order to ensure appropriate custody and access arrangements. She explored the impact of separation violence on women and children, the phenomenon of legal bullying and how that affects court outcomes, the challenges of unrepresented parties and the importance of community collaboration.

You can read her full talk here.