Resources from Luke's Place

Luke’s Place offers a range of resources on the intersection of family law and violence against women.

What is woman abuse?

The term woman abuse describes any kind of abuse a woman is subjected to because she is a woman. This kind of abuse may also be called "gender-based violence", "family violence" or "gender-based abuse". Includes a lengthy list of abuse tactics. View this definition of woman abuse.

Black woman with maskFamily Court Operations: A pandemic guide

Serving and filing documents, virtual court appearances and where to get support. Current as of August 2021. Download Family Court Operations

What does family law have to do with violence against women?

Making decisions at the end of an abusive relationship is challenging and often dangerous for the woman and her children. It is at this high-risk time that many people become involved with family court. Learn more about the intersection of family violence and family law.

Family Court and Beyond website homepageFamily Court and Beyond

Safety plans, legal information and strategies on how to survive family court packaged as a Workbook, with specific tools collected into a Court Organizer. All material is available on the website. You can download the whole Workbook in English or French or individual worksheets from the site for free. Designed for women, but lawyers and service providers find this a great resource for working with clients. Women’s organizations can order packages of 10 Workbooks or Organizers. Print copies will be available October 2021.

Common intersecting legal issues when there's family violence: Family law, criminal law, immigration law, child protectionFamily Law Webinars

Our recorded webinars cover issues such as the new Divorce Act, restraining orders, international abductions, evidence of abuse and many more issues relevant to women subjected to abuse and involved in family court. Visit our webinar list.

Find Family Law Support Services for Women

Locate organizations in your area of Ontario that support women who have family law issues. Visit this extensive list of services.
Organizations: Don't see your services listed? Let's talk!

The Luke’s Place blog

Watch our weekly blog posts for legal news and family court strategies for women and their allies. We have specific sections on case law, current events, frequently asked questions about family law, updates on Luke's Place and more. If you haven't already checked it out, visit the blog now.

Tech Safety Toolkit

A collection of information about tech abuse, spyware, smarthomes and keeping safe on smartphones and the web. Includes family law strategies and a workshop template for service providers. Get safer on your tech now.

After She Leaves

Third edition to launch Fall 2021! Order yours now. Designed for women's service providers, this manual covers a wide range of topics related to gender-based violence in the family, the family law process, custody and access and how to effectively advocate. Learn more about the manual.

Emergency Motions Toolkit

This resource, developed for service providers, provides information on how to support women to create effective emergency motions for a variety of different situations. Learn more about the Emergency Motions Toolkit.

Legal Services Delivery Toolkit

Designed for women’s organizations wishing to build their capacity to provide legal support, this package contains all Luke’s Place procedures and policies as well as our workshops for women. Learn more about the Legal Services Delivery Toolkit.

The Impact of Third Parties on Solicitor-Client Privilege

This paper takes the position that the presence of professional advocates does not destroy this privilege and, in fact, enhances the lawyer-client relationship to the benefit of, primarily, the client, but also the lawyer. Download Impact of Third Parties.

Going the Distance

A publication for service providers, policy makers and others on supporting rural and remote abuse survivors with their family law issues. Download this resource.