After She Leaves

The After She Leaves program provides service providers with a manual and training on the family law issues relevant to women who have left abusive relationships.


This manual provides advocates with the information they need to provide effective family court support in Ontario. It is available to organizations that serve women who have been subjected to abuse in their relationship.

A service provider’s job may involve frequent and regular contact with survivors of family violence who are dealing with family law, or they may only encounter such clients occasionally. Whichever it is, the better informed workers are about the basics of family law and how family court operates in Ontario, the better they are able to assist clients as well as make appropriate referrals for them.

This is our third edition of this popular resource. It includes detailed information about the changes to the Divorce Act and the Children’s Law Reform Act as well as many updates to court processes and court-related services.

Topics covered:

  • The dynamics of abuse
  • Intimate partner abuse in various communities
  • Safety for women and children
  • Impact on women as family court litigants
  • Legal bullying
  • The family court process
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Service connected to family court
  • Family law issues: post-separation parenting arrangements, financial issues, child protection, options for safety
  • Intersecting legal issues: criminal court and immigration laws
  • Presenting evidence of abuse
  • Getting legal advice
  • Strategies for women’s advocates

The manual costs $40. Women's organizations can order it by contacting


The manual is also available with our e-learning: After She Leaves: Family law training for women’s advocates.

We also provide live trainings to community workers and others who work with women who may be subjected to violence. Learn more about our live trainings.