Safety planning? Tech safety how-to links

Here are some handy links for tech safety planning. All of these links are external to Luke's Place.

Hiding where you've been on the web

  • Identify and delete “history” in web browser
    Note: If deleting history from a browser, it’s safer to delete only those items you don’t want the abuser to know about. Deleting everything may alert the abuser that someone has tampered with the browser history and result in him increasing his abuse.

Collecting evidence

Note: If you are collecting evidence of abuse, check with local police/courts for electronic evidence requirements.

Social media & tech safety

Free email

You may want to set up a separate email if

  • You think the abusive person may have access to your current email account and you wants a safe(r) account to use when communicating with supporters (be sure to use this account only from devices that the abuser cannot access); or
  • You want a separate email account for communicating with the abusive ex-partner so you don’t have to see his messages when you're looking at ones from friends/family/work.

You don’t have to provide a phone number or secondary email account or the true date of birth to set up an account (although the email service may ask for these things, providing them is optional).