Sexual assault decision: One judge with profound understanding

Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, comments in a CBC article on the recent decision by Judge Marvin Zuker in a sexual assault case.

“No other crime is looked upon with the degree of blameworthiness, suspicion and doubt as a rape victim,” Zuker wrote. “Victim-blaming is unfortunately common and is one of the most significant barriers to justice and offender accountability.”

Judge Zuker found Mustafa Ururyar guilty of sexually assaulting Mandi Gray.

Pamela Cross, legal director of Luke’s Place, a non-profit organization for women navigating the legal system, said Zuker had “a profound and almost astonishing understanding of the issue of sexual violence, of women’s lack of autonomy in these situations.”

….But one decision won’t suddenly make a complainant comfortable coming forward to report an assault to police, [Cross] said. And it won’t make her more likely to counsel a woman to make a formal complaint.

Read the full article on the CBC website.

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