Sexual assault trials: The witness’ perspective

Sexual assault trials: The witness’ perspective

The Ghomeshi sexual assault trial raises many questions about the rights of witnesses and the accused. Our Legal Director, Pamela Cross, provides insight.

On defence tactics:

In no other category of trial are discriminatory assumptions about how a witness ought to behave trotted out as regularly…. Do we ask the man whose house was robbed if he left his curtains open to invite the robber? If he already knew the robber and wanted this to happen?

-“No right to a discriminatory defence” in The Star
with Joanna Birenbaum and Amanda Dale

In “How are witnesses prepped in sexual assault trials“, Chatelaine interviews Pamela, along with two other lawyers and a sexual assault support worker, about the Crown Attorney’s role and the representation (or lack) of a sexual assault victim.

On Metro Morning, CBC Radio, Pamela discusses the importance of this trial.

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