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How we can assist a family law lawyer


We offer an online course, “Effective Lawyering with Clients Leaving Abusive Relationships”. Accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada, this program contains 1 hour and 20 minutes of Professionalism Content and is eligible for up to 1 hour 10 minutes for Substantive Content. The course is free to lawyers volunteering with Luke’s Place projects or enroll for $125. It includes a downloadable manual.


Preparation of clients in Durham

If you have a client living in Durham Region who may have been subjected to abuse in her relationship, please connect her with us.

We help women work effectively with lawyers. To accomplish this, we offer the following:

  • emotional support and support to improve a woman’s coping skills to assist her in working effectively with her lawyer
  • safety planning which facilitates requests for appropriate restraining orders
  • compiling historical information and third party information to provide to the lawyer
  • accompanying the woman to lawyer’s appointments to assist her in understanding what her lawyer has said and needs from her
  • support for a woman to follow through on her lawyer’s requests
  • assistance to a woman to cope with tactics used by her abusive spouse during the litigation process
  • accompanying the woman to court for support
  • assistance that may be requested by the woman’s lawyer (i.e. review of court documents)
  • referrals to other needed community supports (i.e. housing, income support, etc)

Care to volunteer or make a donation?

Our services are provided free of charge to abused women and their children. If you would like to make a charitable donation or volunteer your services, we would appreciate your support.


  • Speak on a topic for legal information group sessions with women in the Durham Region
  • Donate pro bono time in the Durham Region Pro Bono summary advice clinic
  • Provide pro bono summary family law legal advice to women throughout Ontario via our Virtual Legal Clinic
  • Participate in our Legal Advisory Group, a group of family law lawyers and administrators of family law services who provide consultation about our legal work
  • Sponsor or donate to Luke’s Place or to a Luke’s Place fundraising event