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Luke’s Place tackles the systemic issues faced by women who leave abusive relationships. Our efforts are informed by, and inform, our direct work with women.


We deliver family law training to those who work with woman abuse survivors. Since 2011, we have trained Ontario’s Family Court Support Workers and moderate their online resource hub. We also train the lawyers and staff of Legal Aid Ontario as part of LAO's domestic violence strategy.

Every year we travel throughout the province to deliver customized in-person trainings to women’s advocates and other community workers. We also offer an accredited online training for lawyers.

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We develop publications and other resources for women and their allies. This includes our popular After She Leaves Manual and Emergency Motions Toolkit for women’s service providers, a Legal Support Services Toolkit and a Tech Safety Toolkit. Our blog delivers weekly articles on support strategies, changes to the law and case law summaries. See our full list of resources.


We conduct research on the intersection of family violence and family law. Our 2008 foundational study of family court experiences of women fleeing abuse documented key issues in the court process. Our work since examines the importance of family violence screening for family law practitioners, the challenge of joint custody, and best practices in family courts. For all of our reports, papers and law reform documents, see our Research section.


We share information and, when possible, collaborate with decision-makers in the legal system and government on access to justice issues for abuse survivors. We participate in law reform consultations, such as recent amendments to the Divorce Act, and challenge policy changes that impact women. Under COVID-19, we collaborated with the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association and Legal Aid Ontario to ensure that women dealing with violence and involved in family court had access to legal advice and support. Get more details in our Advocacy section.

Public education

We are committed to helping people understand how family violence impacts family court. To this end, we are regularly featured in the media and share legal information through webinars, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and our blog. Journalists are encouraged to visit our Media page to learn about our availability.


Pam Cross giving her Guthrie Award speechWe deliver presentations, webinars and keynotes at conferences and community events. Our Legal Director was as a witness before the federal Standing Committee on changes to the Divorce Act as well as Ontario's Standing Committee on Justice Policy for The Stronger and Smarter Justice Act. View sample presentations or contact us to inquire about our participation in your event.