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Are there strategies that can make long distance access work?

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This is the second installment of a two-part series There are many ways a family can organize access even when one parent lives some distance away from the kids. Factors that need to be considered include: Distance The children’s ages

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How can separated parents manage long distance access?

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This is the first installment of a two-part series We are living in an increasingly globalized world, so it is not surprising that families move – often long distances – more than they used to. While this can pose challenges

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How can a woman support her kids during and after her family law case?

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The more a woman can protect her children from the negative emotions she may be feeling towards and about her former partner, the better for them. Negative feelings towards her former partner Her fear of her former partner may be

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Case law: Parental alienation

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Fiorito v. Wiggins, 2017 ONCA 765:The mother and father married in 1998, separated in 2008 and have three children together. This is a case of parental alienation on the part of the mother and the use of bankruptcy proceedings by

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What is a parenting plan? Part 1

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Whether a woman is preparing her parenting plan during or after her court case, the basic principles remain the same. This is the first of two blog posts on parenting plans. In this post we’ll examine the purposes of a

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What can be done when bail conditions conflict with family law orders?

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When someone is charged with a criminal offence, they are generally kept in custody until a bail hearing can be held. At this hearing, the court will determine whether the accused can be released, usually with a number of conditions

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What is custody and access?

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When parents separate, they have to decide on appropriate living arrangements for the children. Until these issues are resolved, both parents have an equal legal right to have the custody of their children. Legally, custody refers to decision-making responsibility. A

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Case law: Financial bullying as family violence

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Hokhold v Gerbrandt 2015 BCCA 268 is a British Columbia case, so it is not binding on Ontario cases. As well the B.C. Family Law Act contains a number of provisions that are different from those in Ontario’s legislation. Nonetheless,

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Case law: Encouraging children to have access time with the other parent

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Godard v Godard 2015 ONCA 568 tackles the question of how hard a custodial parent is expected to work to encourage a child to have access with the other parent. Here, there were two children, one living with each parent.

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Recent case: The function of appeals and determining judge bias

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Van Wieren v Bush, 2015 ONSC 4104 The father appealed to the Superior Court of Justice against an Ontario Court of Justice trial decision about custody and access, claiming that the trial judge, Justice Hardman, was biased against him, failed

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