Webinar recording: Ontario’s new Children’s Law Reform Act

Ontario recently significantly revised its family law that deals with custody and access, the Children’s Law Reform Act, to align it with the federal Divorce Act.  In this presentation, you will learn about the changes, with a focus on their impact on women fleeing abusive relationships. This is another in the series of webinars on family law…

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Bill 207: Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act

On September 24th, Ontario’s Attorney General Doug Downey introduced Bill 207, the Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act.   This Bill is the province’s long-anticipated follow-up to the federal government’s 2019 changes to the Divorce Act, which are to come into effect on March 1, 2021. For that reason alone, Bill 207 is important because,…

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Managing back to school decisions during the pandemic with an abusive ex-partner: Tips for frontline workers

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Decision-making with an abusive ex-partner is never an easy or straightforward process. Even when the ex-partner has had little involvement in making decisions or planning for the children, many of them have plenty of ideas about what they think the mother should or should not do. For women with school-age children, decisions about education are…

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Two recent COVID-19 family law decisions

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Court says no to “self-help” remedy In Burton v Woods 2020 ONCJ 158, Justice Pugsley was quick and clear in his response to a father who decided not to return the 10-year-old child to the mother at the end of his access time. The existing order, issued after a trial, was for the mother to…

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