What is intimate partner violence?

The term intimate partner violence (IPV) describes the abuse of power by one partner in a dating, common-law, married, or otherwise intimate relationship. This abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, social, cultural, or a combination of some or all of these. This form of violence falls under the umbrella term/category of gender-based violence, which…

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Toronto Star article: ‘We haven’t come very far’ – YWCA Toronto and women’s shelters call on government to address root causes of Polytechnique massacre anniversary

many hands reaching in

Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, was interviewed for a Toronto Star article on the anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre. The article reflects on the massacre and highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and their safety. “There were a whole lot of factors that combined when the pandemic first hit that put…

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