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UPDATED September 2015 ANSWER: A woman who has experienced abuse in her relationship could find herself involved in criminal court in one of two ways. She might be the complainant/witness because her partner has been charged or she might have …

Is there any kind of legal aid assistance for women who are involved in criminal court as a result of their partner’s abuse? Read More »

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Many women who are dealing with family court are also involved with criminal court proceedings, as either a victim/witness or as an accused. There are a number of differences in the purpose, function and outcomes of the two courts as …

What are the differences between criminal and family court for abused women? Read More »

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UPDATED June 2017: As discussed in an earlier FAQ, dual charging or counter charging of women is one of the direct results of the mandatory charging policy. This is a serious, if unintended, consequence, and rates of dual/counter charging remain high …

Why are women sometimes charged with assaulting their partner when they are just trying to protect themselves or their kids? Read More »

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