Another pandemic/school case: Importance of evidence

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A.B. v L.J. 2020 ONSC 5248: In this case, the parents have joint custody of their two young children. The children are primarily resident with the mother, who has final decision-making authority. The mother and children had been living in Port Perry and the father in Burlington, where the children spent time with him on alternate…

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What is an ex parte motion?

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In situations of extreme urgency, a woman may be able to bring an ex parte motion. In this process, her partner is not served with the documents and the judge makes a decision the same day as the woman files her Notice of Motion, Affidavit and other documents (for example, a Form 13 Financial Statement…

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Part 2: How can I help a woman disclose abuse?

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In Part 1 of this FAQ, I explored some of the reasons why many women find it hard to talk about their experiences of abuse as well as why they need to share this information. This week, I’ll provide tips for supporting women so they can disclose abuse. Your job to help a woman open…

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