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How can I support women to be as safe as possible after their family law case is over?

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The family court process can be long and difficult. By the time it is over, many women are often exhausted and sick and tired of dealing with their former partner. Many also assume the battle is over; that the court

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Do children need a safety plan?

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Many thanks to Miranda Brijlall, articling student at Luke’s Place, who prepared this response with assistance from Legal Director, Pamela Cross. In circumstances of family violence, children as well as their mothers need to take care of themselves by developing

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How can I accurately assess risks my client is facing from her former partner?

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Your role as a woman’s advocate will require you to engage in safety planning with the women you support. Safety planning is, in some ways, the other side of risk assessment: the more information you have about the women’s risk,

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How can I support a woman who does not want to leave her abuser?

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When the violence against women movement became increasingly organized in Canada and shelters for abused women and rape crisis centres began to open, most of the work was focused on helping women get away from their abusers. There was an

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What is a supervised access order?

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Supervised access and supervised access exchanges can offer some protection to women who are concerned about the safety of their children during access or their own safety as they exchange the children with their partner. For example, if the access

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What is the role of violence (including separation violence) in custody and access cases?

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The presence of violence in the family is an important consideration in custody and access cases. It is, as we discuss below, one of the factors in the best interests of the child test. However, this does not mean that

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Evidence required for a permanent restraining order

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Courts do not issue permanent restraining orders readily, but they are possible to obtain. The court must be satisfied that the woman’s fear is both reasonable and ongoing and that there is little or no reason to think that fear

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Tips for serving family court documents on an abusive former partner

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All court documents prepared by a woman in her case must be served on her former partner before the case can move forward. Different documents and circumstances require different kinds of service. The rules about document service can be found

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