Do children need a safety plan?

woman holds childs hand

Many thanks to Miranda Brijlall, articling student at Luke’s Place, who prepared this response with assistance from Legal Director, Pamela Cross. In circumstances of family violence, children as well as their mothers need to take care of themselves by developing a safety plan containing steps to increase and maintain their own safety, to the extent…

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How can I support a woman who does not want to leave her abuser?

mom consoling toddler girl

When the violence against women movement became increasingly organized in Canada and shelters for abused women and rape crisis centres began to open, most of the work was focused on helping women get away from their abusers. There was an inherent belief that this was what was best for women. While shelter work has always…

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What is a supervised access order?

flower handed by a child to a woman

Supervised access and supervised access exchanges can offer some protection to women who are concerned about the safety of their children during access or their own safety as they exchange the children with their partner. For example, if the access parent has a serious and unstable mental health issue, a drug or alcohol problem, has…

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