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Are accommodations are available at family court for a woman who has PTSD?

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The courts, like all government and public institutions and agencies, are required to comply with Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, which is intended to ensure that all people with disabilities have full and equal access to all public

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Ghomeshi case highlights issues of fairness in sexual assault trials

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Our Legal Director, Pamela Cross, was interviewed by Canadian news site, Rabble, about the fairness of sexual assault trials. Topics discussed include the power of sexual assault myths , especially in cases where a woman knows the perpetrator, how such

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Tips for helping someone become a confident & effective decision-maker

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Most of us struggle with decision making to some extent, but of course this is much more of a challenge for women who have paid the price for making what their abuser decides is the “wrong” decision. An abusive partner

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