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How can I be clear about the difference between legal advice and legal information?

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Service providers often provide women with information about family law and the family court process, which is of critical importance but is distinct and different from giving legal advice. Workers must be clear with the client that they are providing

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Virtual legal clinic: Video conferencing for justice

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Luke’s Place is establishing a virtual legal clinic for women who have left abusive relationships and are involved with family court. Using web-based video conferencing, the clinic will connect women in rural and remote areas to family law lawyers elsewhere.

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Can a woman get a legal aid certificate for mediation?

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UPDATED June 2017: Legal Aid Ontario has recently begun providing independent legal advice (ILA) certificates to support eligible clients who are engaged in family court mediation. When one of the clients is financially eligible, their former may also be eligible

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How can I support a woman who is unrepresented in family court?

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The number of litigants in family court who do not have lawyers has reached a critical point, with between 50 and 80% of cases now involving at least one party who is unrepresented. While not having a lawyer is of

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Luke’s Place Launches Map of Family Law Support Services for Abused Women in Ontario

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Women who have experienced partner violence and are involved in family law processes now have a new resource. Luke’s Place offers an online map of Ontario services that provide free family law support. Women can use the map to find

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Tips for serving family court documents on an abusive former partner

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All court documents prepared by a woman in her case must be served on her former partner before the case can move forward. Different documents and circumstances require different kinds of service. The rules about document service can be found

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Help for unrepresented family court litigants

We have recently come across an online resource that provides a wide variety of information, commentary and resources for people who are managing their family court case without legal representation. While there is no violence against women analysis, and the

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Unrepresented litigants: Obligations of the lawyer

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The Law Society of Upper Canada, the governing body for lawyers and paralegals in Ontario, recently provided an e-bulletin to assist lawyers who are dealing with self-represented litigants on the other side in a case. The information it contains is

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