Teaching law students about violence against women

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Many of the women we support at Luke’s Place share their frustrations when their lawyers do not understand the realities of violence against women. Often, this lack of understanding is the result of a lack of educational opportunities, both for law students and for lawyers already in practice.

Luke’s Place is actively involved in changing this reality:

  1. In 2012, Legal Director Pamela Cross was commissioned by the Law Commission of Ontario, with funding from the Ontario Women’s Directorate, to develop curriculum on violence against women for Ontario law schools. This material can be found on the Law Commission website at:


  1. Pam also provides training for the law students working in the student legal clinics at both of Toronto’s law schools. In June, she presented a 2 ½ hour session to students and review counsel at CLASP, Osgoode Hall’s student law clinic and in early July she will present a similar session to the students at Downtown Legal Services at the University of Toronto. These sessions cover such topics as separation violence, how to identify violence, the importance of effective interviewing techniques and safety planning, strategies for representing abusers and ethical issues raised by cases involving violence against women.
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