mom consoling toddler girl

The Children’s Law Reform Act section 5 states: “The entitlement to access to a child includes . . . the same right as a parent to make inquiries and to be given information as to the health, education and welfare of the child.”

Generally, this provision refers to school report cards and medical/health care records. It gives the access parent the right to information but not decision-making. In other words, just because the access parent has a legal right to receive a copy of the child’s report card, it does not give him the right to enter into decision-making related to the child’s progress at school.

The provision does not create an obligation on the primary caregiver to provide the information to the access parent. Ideally, the access parent would make his own arrangements with the school, child’s doctor, etc. to receive this information directly and the mother would not have to be involved at all.

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