Webinar: Presenting Evidence of Abuse

thoughtful young womanThe Law Commission of Ontario’s recently released report about the family legal system (available at http://www.lco-cdo.org/) is a good reminder of the vulnerability (and prevalence) of unrepresented parties in family court.

For women who have left an abusive partner and do not have a family court lawyer, gathering and presenting evidence about the abuse they have experienced can be challenging. The more frontline workers who are supporting them know about the use of evidence in family court, the better for the woman.

Luke’s Place Legal Director Pamela Cross has delivered a webinar entitled “Presenting Evidence About Abuse in Family Court.” Initially aired in February 2012, it remains timely.

The 56-minute webinar provides helpful information for frontline workers supporting women who have left abusive relationships and covers such topics as what evidence is important and why, where that evidence can be found and how to present it.

You can access the webinar at:


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