What does domestic violence cost?

What does domestic violence cost?

The Department of Justice has released a new report “An Estimation of the Economic Impact of Spousal Violence in Canada, 2009″.

The report examines the economic costs of spousal violence:

  • in the justice system (police, courts, prosecution, legal aid, correctional services, family law, child protection)
  • for victims (health care costs, lost wages, education and child care costs,.destroyed or damaged property, moving costs, legal costs, loss of life)
  • for third parties (funeral costs, loss of affection to family members, costs to others harmed during the spousal violence)
  • for social services (shelters, crisis lines, victim services)
  • for employers (lost output, tardiness and distraction)
  • costs due to the impact on children (medical costs, missed days at school, lost future income and delinquency)

As the report’s conclusion notes:

After all is said and one, the economic impact of spousal violence in Canada in 2009 is estimated to be $7,420,301,324. With this sum, it is evident that spousal violence has a significant impact on all of Canadian society. Today, as ever before, it is critical to continue efforts to prevent spousal violence, and where it does occur, to intervene, assist, and support to the extent possible, so that the cycle does not persist for generations more.

The full report is available on the Department of Justice Canada website at: http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/pi/rs/rep-rap/2012/rr12_7/index.html.

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