Emergency motions toolkit

This toolkit provides clear information for advocates assisting woman abuse survivors about how to create an effective emergency motion for a variety of different situations.

Table of Contents:

  • Emergency Numbers and Safety Planning
  • Applying for an Emergency Motion
  • Form 14 Motion “Without Notice”
  • Form 14A Affidavit
  • Form 8 Application (General)
  • Commentary Re Form 14 Motion “Without Notice”
  • Commentary Re Form 14A Affidavit
  • Commentary Re Form 8 Application
  • Form 14A Affidavit for Follow-Up Court Appearance
  • Commentary Re Form 14A Affidavit for Follow-Up
  • Additional Tools
  • Family History Questionnaire

The Emergency Motions Toolkit can be purchased for $15.00 by contacting admin @ lukesplace.ca, 905-728-0978 ext. 221 or 1-866-516-3116, ext. 221.

Training on emergency motions is also available for advocates. Contact us for more information.