Technology can create problems as well as solve them

woman's hands with laptop and cellphone and paperwork

COVID-19 has shone a light on many issues across the province/country/world: issues that existed before the pandemic and that will remain with us after it is over. We have learned (and continue to learn) a great deal during this experience, and we can use that learning as we move through and past the pandemic. In…

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Bill 161 could jeopardize access to justice for women fleeing abuse

mom consoling toddler girl

Bill 161, the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act, will amend more than 20 existing pieces of legislation. Of particular concern to advocates for women fleeing abuse are the proposed revisions to the Legal Aid Services Act 1998. While it is certainly the case that this legislation is long overdue for updating, given that it has…

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Luke’s Place Virtual Legal Clinic continues thanks to our supporters!

Many hands

The Virtual Legal Clinic serves women in rural and remote communities of Ontario. Foundation grants and lawyers providing freely of their time have allowed Luke’s Place to continue to offer this unique service to isolated women who have been subjected to abuse in their relationships. The Virtual Legal Clinic uses video-conferencing to connect women in…

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