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One of the most difficult things about working to make an organization inclusive is that every person has to be willing to get uncomfortable. We all learn things about ourselves when doing this work; sometimes things that make us squirm …

The journey towards inclusivity: It’s about people – 3/3 Read More »

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All of the work we do is, or should be, framed by our agency’s policies and procedures. Policies are the guiding principles that set direction in an organization. Procedures are the specific actions or steps that are to be followed …

The journey towards inclusivity: Organizational structures – Part 2/3 Read More »

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The work of inclusivity requires us to look at ourselves, even when that may make us uncomfortable. Some of what is covered in these posts may seem basic to you and other ideas may be more than what your agency …

The journey towards inclusivity: Understanding the concepts – Part 1/3 Read More »

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