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What are my rights when it comes to property division?

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This is the first in a 3-part series on women’s financial rights and responsibilities when a relationship ends. Part 2 looks at determining the date of separation and Part 3 discusses spousal support. Historically, men have tended to manage the

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My partner and I are common law. Do I have the same rights as a married person?

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Many women in common-law relationships believe they have exactly the same legal rights as women who are married. While there are many commonalities, there are some important differences, especially with respect to the way in which property is divided if

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FAQ: Married and common-law and the matrimonial home

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In the coming months, Luke’s Place answers Frequently Asked Questions from legal advocates and service providers supporting women who have experienced violence and are involved in the family law court process. This is the first in the series. Question: What

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Verbal abuse by text

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The Family Law Act allows a spouse to seek an order for exclusive possession of the matrimonial home. Violence is one of the criteria to be considered by the court when dealing with such an application. A recent Ontario case

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