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Case law: Family reunification therapy and claims of parental alienation

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Barrett v. Huver, 2018 ONSC 2322: In this case, the father brought a motion for an order requiring the parents and children to attend multi-day family reunification therapy. The parties were married in July 2001 and separated in April 2009.

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Alienating children or protecting them?

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In the late 1980s, a new phrase started to pop up in American and then Canadian family courts: parental alienation syndrome (PAS). Originally coined by American psychiatrist Richard Gardner, the term was used to describe situations where one parent intentionally

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How can a woman support her kids during and after her family law case?

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The more a woman can protect her children from the negative emotions she may be feeling towards and about her former partner, the better for them. Negative feelings towards her former partner Her fear of her former partner may be

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Recent case: Parental alienation

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L.(N.) v M. (R.R.) 2016 ONSC 809: In this case, the police refused to enforce a court order to deliver a child, now over the age of 16, to his father, when the child was refusing to have contact with

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How seriously are allegations of parental alienation taken by family courts today?

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Parental alienation arises in family court cases generally in two contexts: When abusive men attempt to alienate the children from their mother as part of their ongoing campaign of abuse against their former partner When women who have left abusive

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