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While the amended Divorce Act will, without question, materially improve the situation of those fleeing abuse (if they use the Divorce Act to resolve parenting issues), it is not perfect. This article explores two criteria in the best interests test, …

Will Canada’s new Divorce Act keep women and children fleeing abuse safe? The cons – Part 2/3 Read More »

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McNeil v McGuinness 2020 ONSC 1918 In this case, which was identified by the court as having “a long history of conflict and litigation since the parties separated in 2012,” Justice Pazaratz declined to find the father’s motion to be …

Recent Court Decision: “In the long run, self-help will turn out to be a big mistake” Read More »

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Kunuthur v. Govindareddigari, 2018 ONCA 730: The parents married in 2004 and lived in the United States where their son was born as an American citizen. The family moved to Brampton in 2011, when their son was 6 years old, …

Recent case: Habitual residence, jurisdiction and custody Read More »

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