Bill 207: Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act

On September 24th, Ontario’s Attorney General Doug Downey introduced Bill 207, the Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act.   This Bill is the province’s long-anticipated follow-up to the federal government’s 2019 changes to the Divorce Act, which are to come into effect on March 1, 2021. For that reason alone, Bill 207 is important because,…

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Recent case: Habitual residence, jurisdiction and custody

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Kunuthur v. Govindareddigari, 2018 ONCA 730: The parents married in 2004 and lived in the United States where their son was born as an American citizen. The family moved to Brampton in 2011, when their son was 6 years old, and became permanent residents. In April 2013, the mother took the son to India while…

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What is a Voice of the Child Report?

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A relatively new concept in Canada, voice of the child reports are one technique to ensure that children have the opportunity to be heard in custody proceedings. Such a report, sometimes known as the views of the child, provides information about what the child thinks about his or her life and the issues in dispute…

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