Webinar: Relationships, rights & responsibilities

A woman living with her common law partner for many years may think she has equal right to their property, but that might not be the case. There are significant differences in legal rights and responsibilities depending on whether people are married or living common-law. This webinar explores different kinds of intimate relationships, with a…

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How to manage tech abuse with safety planning & family law

This webinar provides information on how technology can be used against women experiencing intimate ex/partner violence and provides tips for survivors and advocates around safety planning, managing electronic communication and how to this may be addressed in family court. This webinar is another in the series on family law issues when there’s family violence presented…

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For some women, home is as dangerous as the virus

woman holding a little boy

Published in the Globe & Mail by Elizabeth Renzetti Being trapped inside your house during this coronavirus crisis is hard enough. Now imagine being truly trapped: Let’s say you’re a woman who’s been living with an abusive partner, and planning to leave him. A decision about whether to leave, already dangerous and difficult, becomes almost…

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Moving in or getting married? Why a domestic contract matters


Property division after separation depends on whether the couple was married or living common-law. A domestic contract lets a couple set their own terms in their relationship. A domestic contract is a legal agreement. Domestic contracts include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. “Pre-nups” are domestic contracts A cohabitation agreement is an agreement between…

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Webinar: Restraining orders and managing post-separation abuse

Post separation abuse: Violence continues/escalates upon separation, Likely in family court, Tactics to stop her from leaving or to retaliate, Not recognized by those who have power to challenge abuser

Family violence continues and often escalates post-separation. This webinar explores post-separation abuse and strategies for managing it, including restraining orders and safety planning. What is a restraining order? How would someone get one? This webinar answers those questions and more. This webinar is the latest in a series on family law issues when there’s family…

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