CTV’s W5 article: ‘Why does he keep abusing?’ Changing the question about intimate partner violence

woman holds childs hand

As part of CTV’s W5 episode Unrestrained, host Avery Haines interviewed Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross. Unrestrained aired at 7:00pm EST on November 14, 2020.

Pamela spoke about the complex family law system and described how restraining orders don’t do enough to protect women in abusive relationships.

Lawyer and advocate Pamela Cross says,“a woman will leave an abusive relationship 12 times before she stays out for good. But I want to change the discourse from, ‘Why don’t women leave’ or ‘Why do women keep going back,’ to ‘Why does he keep abusing?’”

It’s a question that is not asked enough in the national discourse on the epidemic of violence against women. Intimate partner violence is one of the few violent crimes that is increasing in Canada. Too often it is seen as a woman’s issue, when in reality it is – by and large – a man’s issue. But there are few resources available in Canada aimed at getting men to stop abusing. And programs that show promise are often not being sufficiently funded.

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