Family Court and Beyond: a court survival workbook for women leaving abusive relationships

Family Court and Beyond workbook and worksheets

If you are an Ontario woman in or thinking about leaving an abusive relationship, or if you have already left one and you want to know more about family law and court, our Family Court and Beyond website is for you – even if you have already started to deal with your family law issues.

While this resource is specific to Ontario, and laws are different from province/territory to province/territory, you may find other information that will be useful even if you don’t live in Ontario.

Your journey through the family law system

Sorting out the many family law issues that come up at the end of a relationship, especially when you have an ex-partner who has been abusive, can be overwhelming.

The more information you have – about the law, court processes, the people you will encounter on your journey – the better you will be able to manage your way through the system.

You will be safer, feel more confident and be better able to make the many important decisions that lie ahead of you. You will also be in a better position to support your children, who may also find the process overwhelming.

What information does Family Court and Beyond provide?

Family Court and Beyond is a great resource that provides information on:

  • legal issues and family court processes
  • how to provide evidence of abuse
  • how to complete court documents

By using the Family Court and Beyond website, you will learn:

  • when legal advice is essential
  • safety planning for you, your children and when going to court
  • how a women’s legal advocate can help

Women’s Organizations can order print copies for their clients!

Women’s organizations in Ontario can order print copies of the Family Court and Beyond Workbook and Organizer for their clients.

Ten copies of the Workbook are $175. The 8.5″ x 11″ spiral bound Workbook is packed with almost 200 pages of legal information, worksheets, factsheets and tips.

Ten copies of the Organizer are $70. The 6″ x 9″ spiral bound Organizer consists of checklists, worksheets, an appointment log, calendar and a list of relevant Ontario services.