Hamm Foundation supports Durham Region Family Law Resource Room

Hamm Foundation supports Durham Region Family Law Resource Room

Thank you to the Calvin and Frances Hamm Foundation for their generous donation to the Luke’s Place Family Law Resource Room!

The Resource Room is a safe and private work space for our clients as they prepare court documents. Located in a secure area of our new office location, it offers a library of specialized legal journals and software, a phone line, computers, a scanner, fax and printer/copier.

With an earlier grant, the Hamm Foundation helped us purchase computers and establish work stations in the Resource Room. These new funds will enable us to make the space more accommodating, with accessible software and hardware and an adjustable workstation.

This grant will also help us provide practical, hands-on support to women as they work on family court paperwork.

Many abuse survivors are forced to go to court unrepresented. Completing legal documents without a lawyer is challenging at the best of times, and is made all that more challenging if one struggles with the physical and psychological impact of abuse.

Thanks to the Hamm Foundation, this task will be much less daunting.

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