Disrupting Current Colonial Practices and Structures in the immigration and non-profit sector

Vikki Reynolds, a “Consultant, Instructor and Supervisor specializing in Team Development, Resisting Burnout and Organizational Change”, offers a variety of resources that inspire thought and action.

Here are a couple:

A Handbook co-created with Riel Dupuis-Rossi and Charlene Hellson:
“Disrupting Current Colonial Practice & Structure in the¬†Immigration & non-profit sector”

Solidarity Talks: Lateral Liberation. Kim Haxton is an Indigenous woman of the Potowatomi Peoples. Kim speaks with Vikki about how she uses Lateral Liberation to examine how communication is hampered by trauma, environmental and situational moments in our lives. The future depends on literacy of the past, understanding how everything is connected (a foundational understanding of many Indigenous cultures).

Solidarity Talks: Vikki Reynolds speaks with Felix Gilliland, a trans person and feminist, about how feminists can make repair with trans people by using principles of a queered antiviolence movement.  

Vikki says, “We’re keen to see how this can disrupt and offer provocative dialogue in our collective work.”