Pamela Cross

Last night, Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross received the Laura Legge Award from the Law Society of Ontario.

From an interview with the Kingston Whig-Standard:

“All of my work is on the issue of violence against women and supporting the survivors of that violence,” Pamela Cross said on the phone from Toronto prior to receiving the award on Wednesday. “It’s really a way of acknowledging all those women who have been subjected to violence by men.”

“When women are put into legal systems that assume that they and their former partner can operate as equals when it comes to some really challenging elements of being a parent … it puts women in a very unsafe situation, which of course affects the children.”

“It’s very meaningful to me as a way of honouring what’s happened to so many women in this country,” Cross said. “It’s a way of saying that their lives matter, their voices matter, and they are voices that we all need to be listening to when we think about how to make the right laws and how to interpret those laws.”

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