Racial injustice: Considerations from the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses

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As a member of OAITH, Luke’s Place strongly supports and shares their message in response to racial injustices.

The Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses (OAITH) acknowledges the recent events of racial injustice during the past week. These acts of racial injustice and anti-Black racism are creating conscious movement-building resulting in what could be an historic, unprecedented turning point through increased mainstream public awareness and media engagement. Over the past few days, thousands of Ontarians have called for increased action and accountability in relation to anti-Black racism in Canada. It’s up to all of us to create the change needed.

Today and every day, we join that call, and recognize that while social media has brought attention today, these truths have existed for hundreds of years. Here in Canada, Black and Indigenous Lives have been taken due to systemic violence. It’s time to listen and believe these experiences as real and work towards a future without racial and colonial violence.

OAITH offers a number of next steps for individuals and organizations. Download the Racial Injustice Statement from OAITH.