How can separated parents manage long distance access?

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This is the first installment of a two-part series We are living in an increasingly globalized world, so it is not surprising that families move – often long distances – more than they used to. While this can pose challenges when the parents live together – finding new schools for the children, setting up house…

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What is legal coaching?

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More than 80,000 people are unrepresented in family court proceedings in Ontario every year. You see many women who don’t have lawyers and, often, their former partner is also unrepresented. As we have discussed in the past, while the lack of legal representation is a challenge for any family court litigant, it raises particular issues…

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How do I make a complaint about a lawyer?

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It is not uncommon for a woman to experience difficulties with her family law lawyer. The lawyer may not understand the unique dynamics in a case involving family violence. They may be good at the legal aspects of their work but not so good at communicating. They may not explain their fee arrangement well. They…

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Do children need a safety plan?

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Many thanks to Miranda Brijlall, articling student at Luke’s Place, who prepared this response with assistance from Legal Director, Pamela Cross. In circumstances of family violence, children as well as their mothers need to take care of themselves by developing a safety plan containing steps to increase and maintain their own safety, to the extent…

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What is independent legal advice and when does a woman need it?

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Before a woman signs any kind of agreement related to her family law issues, she should obtain independent legal advice (ILA). This means she needs to meet with her own lawyer to review whatever the agreement may be. Common agreements where ILA is needed include: Cohabitation agreements Marriage contracts Separation agreements Minutes of settlements Mediation…

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