Luke’s Place announces new advocacy and legal directors

Luke's Place

We are thrilled to announce that Emily Murray who has been the Luke’s Place Legal Services Director since April 2022, is stepping into the position of Legal Director at Luke’s Place as of January 5, 2023.

Previously, Emily worked as a family law lawyer and as a panel lawyer for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. Emily has direct experience advocating on behalf of women and children who have been subjected to family violence and understands the difficulties they face when trying to navigate the legal system. Read more about Emily. In her time with Luke’s Place Emily has led innovations in our legal services program and contributed enormously to our law reform work.

Pamela Cross, the Legal Director since 2009, will continue to work with Luke’s Place as our Advocacy Director, where she will put her expertise and many years of experience to good end developing and leading law and policy reform efforts and media work at the provincial and national levels. Read more about Pamela.

Emily and Pamela will continue to work closely together to lead and support the work of Luke’s Place to empower survivors of intimate partner violence and to change systems so they respond effectively to those who have left relationships in which they were subjected to abuse.