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Case law: Withdrawal from parental control

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R.G. v. K.G. et al. [Indexed as: G. (R.) v. G. (K.)], 136 O.R. (3d) 689:  When they separated, the parents of G entered into an agreement that the father would have custody of her until her 18th birthday and the

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What is custody and access?

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When parents separate, they have to decide on appropriate living arrangements for the children. Until these issues are resolved, both parents have an equal legal right to have the custody of their children. Legally, custody refers to decision-making responsibility. A

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Recent case: Motion for summary judgment for sole custody and no access

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In the case of E.A. v F.A.S 2014 ONSC 2761, the mother brought a motion for summary judgment for sole custody of the child with no access to the father. Summary judgments are set out in Rule 16 of the

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Recent case: Sole custody order replaces joint custody

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In the case of S.S. v S.K. 2013 ONCJ 432, the court imposed a sole custody order in a situation where the parents had previously had joint custody of their 8-year-old daughter. The child’s primary residence was with the mother

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