Webinar: Safety planning before, during and after separation

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This webinar examines key safety issues for women leaving an abusive relationship from the time the woman begins to consider separation, throughout the separation and family law processes and beyond. We will look at both physical and emotional safety issues, legal steps women can take, tech safety and keeping children safe, offering tips and strategies…

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How can I support a woman who is experiencing technology abuse?

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Technology abuse, sometimes called electronic abuse or online harassment, is a common tactic used by many abusers. It often takes the form of stalking and, as an advocate, keeping this in mind will help you support your clients. An Australian survey conducted with VAW service providers in 2016 found that 82% of their clients were…

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Webinar: Restraining orders and managing post-separation abuse

Post separation abuse: Violence continues/escalates upon separation, Likely in family court, Tactics to stop her from leaving or to retaliate, Not recognized by those who have power to challenge abuser

Family violence continues and often escalates post-separation. This webinar explores post-separation abuse and strategies for managing it, including restraining orders and safety planning. What is a restraining order? How would someone get one? This webinar answers those questions and more. This webinar is the latest in a series on family law issues when there’s family…

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What is a supervised access order?

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Supervised access and supervised access exchanges can offer some protection to women who are concerned about the safety of their children during access or their own safety as they exchange the children with their partner. For example, if the access parent has a serious and unstable mental health issue, a drug or alcohol problem, has…

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