COVID-19 legal cases: Vaccinations, supervised access

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COVID-19 vaccination In Tarkowski v Lemieux 2020 CarswellOnt 8070 (C.J.), Justice Jones dealt with the issue of how the parents would make decisions about having their child vaccinated, when and if a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. The six-year-old daughter had lived primarily with the mother since the parents separated in 2015. There had been a…

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Court related services for custody and access issues

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Visit our Family Court and Beyond website for information on court related services for custody and access issues: Office of the Children’s Lawyer, which can become involved in a custody and access dispute by providing a lawyer who will represent the child, a clinician who will write a report for the court, or both Parenting…

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What is a supervised access order?

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Supervised access and supervised access exchanges can offer some protection to women who are concerned about the safety of their children during access or their own safety as they exchange the children with their partner. For example, if the access parent has a serious and unstable mental health issue, a drug or alcohol problem, has…

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Court terminates supervised access: Recent case law

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An Ontario case from earlier this year (Chickwanda v Bell, 2014 ONCJ 174 (CanLII)) allowed the Ontario Court of Justice to explore circumstances when it is appropriate to terminate access by a father to his children. In this case, the mother had sole custody of the couple’s two children from the time of separation. The father…

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